The Hum

The world is mystified when reports begin flooding in from individuals across the globe of an increasingly loud humming noise emanating from within their own skulls, the condition resulting more and more frequently in death. One man is willing to do whatever it takes to save his family from this merciless, enigmatic foe.

This story is based loosely on true events. Keep in mind that this involves me taking liberties with the usage of such words as “loosely” and “true.” 

The Metamorphosis of Tucker Hughey

A dark comedy about a man who is literally in love with himself. Going beyond mere egotism, Tucker has an actual relationship with himself, complete with self-seduction, passionate love-making and date night. He is loved equally by his hordes of loyal fans and followers across the world. But when Tucker becomes gruesomely transfigured as the result of a violent act of jealousy, he finds that his love, fame, and happiness are quickly slipping away from him.

This one was a finalist in the first season of Project Greenlight, but it just wasn’t as good as Stolen Summer. Ahem.

Jungle Clowns

An offbeat comedy, co-written by Jeff Sevener.

Albert Corlekian, co-founder of the family business, has died. Cookie, his widow, vows to take over operations and make it worthy of his memory. She decides to turn their small-town act into what Albert had always envisioned—a troupe of performing clowns that commands attention and respect.

She must, however, contend with her family of misfits, including her granddaughter Jessie who wants out, her son Vince who is busy trying to win back his ex-wife (also a clown), and her brother-in-law, whose world-famous “Flying Corlekians” are threatening to overshadow her own clowning biz.

Just Seeing If You’re Paying Attention

Not the title of one of my screenplays. Just seeing if you’re paying attention.



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