Not sure I’m worth all the hype? Check out what these people are saying:

“Todd is a wonderful human being and amazing talent. It is an honor and privilege to know him, and he will go far in life and in his career.”  – Like, just about everyone who knows me

“I love-a Todd!  He-a come in at least-a once a day and-a order da pizza! He-a my best-a customer!” – Little Tony

“If anyone can tell me where that sonuvabitch is hiding, I can make it worth your while. He went and fucked with the wrong people.” – Big Tony

“l.df.l,.dsg, gukkkkkkkkkkkkkk ksagksgyuadddddddddddddddsakkv kg” – My cat

“Some of my best work.” – God

“I’m really proud of my dad for this one. He killed it.” – Jesus



Visit me at http://www.toddkreisman.com


5 thoughts on “Testimonials

    1. …..yeah, except for the aforementioned reason as stated above, which he has so graciously rectified for me! (and a few others that are just now coming to mind, smart-ass!!)

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